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About Kim

Kim Dwyer is a Certified C-IAYT yoga therapist, yoga and meditation teacher,author, yoga retreat leader, and Yin Yoga Teacher trainer. Kim, a Psychology graduate of Stonehill College, has been teaching yoga on the South Shore since 2004.  Kim’s mission is to assist students with mindful movement, personal introspection, and creating balance in dealing with life’s busy demands. Kim can be found teaching at various studios on the South Shore. She also holds private sessions, as well as targeted group sessions, such as, but not limited to: those struggling with disordered eating, trauma, anxiety, depression, and recovery.  

Kim Offers


Yoga Therapy Sessions

  • One Hour Sessions


Yoga Classes

  • Mindful Gentle Flow

  • Yin Yoga

  • Slow Flow Yin Yoga

  • Eclectic Hatha Yoga

  • Meditation Classes

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