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Kim Dwyer is a Certified C-IAYT yoga therapist, yoga and meditation teacher, author, yoga retreat leader, and Yin Yoga Teacher trainer. Kim, a Psychology graduate of Stonehill College, has been teaching yoga on the South Shore since 2004.  Kim’s mission is to assist students with mindful movement, personal introspection, and creating balance in dealing with life’s busy demands. Kim can be found teaching at various studios on the South Shore. She also holds private sessions, as well as targeted group sessions, such as, but not limited to: those struggling with disordered eating, trauma, anxiety, depression, and recovery.  

Client Testimonials

"Kim is an amazing instructor!  I have benefited immensely from her private instruction.  I am always on the go, achieving, achieving, achieving.  Kim has helped me realize the beauty in stopping, breathing, relaxing, and to enjoy the simple things in life.  I truly look forward to our weekly sessions.  And who knew it could be so hard to sit still for a few moments?  And those poses that look easy?  Aren’t so easy after all... :)"

"Kim has made yoga transformational and has made  it more accessible than any other yoga teacher. Credit to her "therapist " training  in helping me to learn and work on the importance of BREATH. I feel so blessed to have the ability to practice with and learn from her."

"Your Phoenix Rising sessions have helped me immensely. Through these sessions, I have been able to connect with several events and situations from my past that have been previously troubled spots for me. With your help, I am now able to look these darker moments in the eye and deal with them. For many years, I have struggled with emotions that swirled around these events. With your insight and help, these emotions are now much more manageable."


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